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Working abroad as an expat -Part 1: Making the decision

When I was young one thing I really wanted to do in my life was to travel. So, working abroad as an expat seemed like such an exciting adventure right away When I found a job offer, I just dived in without thinking too long about it. Why I decided to do it It happened…
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A Halloween story

This is a short story I wrote back in 2002. I was relatively new at writing fictions and my English was still very green, but I did my best to make it decent. I had never made an illustration for it, until now. If you really want to feel it I recommend reading it late…
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Reasons to renew your wedding vows

It is not so uncommon these days to see couples throwing a second reception to renew their wedding vows after a few years. Most people do it when they reach a milestone, like a 10th or 20th anniversary, when they go through some hardship that they overcome together, becoming closer and stronger as a couple,…
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What NOT to do before your wedding

You know you want to look your best, feel your best and show your best for the most important day of your life. But still, there are a few things that are a good idea and some that you’d better save for another occasion. Here is my advice on what NOT to do before your…
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know if you're ready to get married

How to know if you’re ready to get married

So you met a great guy and you’ve been dating for a while and things seem to be going pretty well for you two. It’s all fun and games and romance and you seem like a perfect fit. Then one day, he plans some really romantic date and, out of the blue, pops the question.…
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Is it worth investing money in professional wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations are one of the most important details on your wedding day.Although at first it may not seem that way, in reality these invitations give your guests the first impression on the type of wedding to be held. In addition, invitations are the first contact your guests have with the event, and that is…
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how to know if you're ready to get married

Why you shouldn’t submit your wedding photos to a wedding blog

You know what? One thing brides-to-be and recent brides love to pieces are wedding blogs. If you’ve ever been engaged you know you spent a lot of time surfing blogs, reading posts, looking at pictures and getting inspiration. And after the big day you’re still on the wedding high and continue to consume this media.…
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How to print deckled-edged paper on your regular home printer

A lot of people love hand-made paper, especially the eco-friendly ones who love the idea of reducing waste and giving things a second life. You must admit that artisan cards look lovely, especially those with flowers and petals, and the texture and color just gives your projects a certain chic air that everybody loves. But…
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Wedding invitation etiquette

The cards you choose, even the envelopes, will reflect the mood and theme of your wedding, from the very beginning. Selecting your invites is almost as much fun as buying the dress: this is a part where you get to display your personality, your style, be it rustic, romantic or sophisticated, your stationary will speak…
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Your self-care routine is a matter of habit

We humans are a species of routines and customs. Studying, playing, sleeping, eating, exercising, working, cleaning, even sex, everything we do is a matter of habits. We establish a timetable and develop a routine. And habits are changeable I started feeling concerned about my face as early as high school. But, as I lacked the…
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