Oviedo, Spain

Month: March 2022

Planning a Summer Wedding?

What comes to mind when I say “Summer”? Sea, sand, sun,? Beach Wedding? Summer is a great time of the year to have a wedding. Not only you have more options for destination weddings, you can choose a number of outdoor venues, your guests will be more likely to take time off for a “wedding…
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Beware of internet scams!

I hate Internet scammers as much as anybody, but actually even more, because they hurt my own business. Anyone who has an honest and legit online store gets hurt when people’s trust in the Internet becomes more and more fragile because of the scammers. Beware of Internet scams! Let me just share with you some…
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Never give up on your dreams

GROWING UP MY DREAM WAS TO BE AN ANIMATOR.⁠⁠More than anything in the world. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I remember as a kid, I’d spend my time sketching EVERYTHING I saw: people, animals, scenes. I used to draw every. Single. Day.⁠⁠I would get home from school and go directly to my sketchbook.…
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Are you a TV bride?

There are three kinds of brides: those who binge on TV wedding programmes, those who have and those who will. And don’t get me wrong, you may even find yourself drooling over TV wedding shows even months after your wedding and planning your “vow renewal” for ten years later, because you forgot to include this…
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