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defining your guest list

Defining your guest list

Did you know that you guest list is going to get bigger and then it’s going to shrink? Defining your guest list Yes, true! defining your guest list First you decide to invite, say 100 people. Make it nice and round. So you write down everyone you want to invite. Then you start adding guests…
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Photo mistakes and missing

When my brother got married my sister in law gave me some wedding advise I never forgot: photo mistakes “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of food, a big venue, etc. Just make sure to have a good photographer!” There are hardly any pictures of her wedding. Probably ten or so. A…
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Wedding tip: EAT!

When I don’t eat I get low blood sugar which results in dizziness, headaches, feeling ill -I hate it! On my wedding day I was very clear about wanting to feel OK and be “on” for several hours with no break. So the last thing I wanted was to feel weak or uncomfortable. I packed…
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Food makes the perfect wedding favours

It’s customary to give your guests wedding favours as a little something at the end of the celebration to remember it by. A souvenir. A tiny gift. But that is tricky, because, what do people like? Another dilema is that you already spent some relevant money on the party with food, decorations, staionary and whatnot,…
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Finding my baptism certificate

You would think that getting baptised is a major event in the life of your parents. baptismal certificate They must be excited about it. Pprobably made a big fuss over it. They dressed you up in the best outifit they could find and threw a party as big as they could afford. You would imagine…
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My bouquet was literally falling apart on my wedding day. flowers The beautiful bouquet that arrived at the hotel a few hours before the ceremony was not the same bouquet I held walking down the isle. It wasn’t the same bouquet I carried in my hand as I entered the reception venue. By the time…
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The surprise necklace

I wish I could say I have an heirloom. Any heirloom. the surprise necklace If you can believe it there is nothing in my family that has a history or sentimental value. Apparently for the past three generations nobody on either side of my family has ever owned any jewelry. No grandma’s pearls, no mother’s diamond ring. Once I was…
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Getting sick before my wedding

There were three things I prayed not to happen on my wedding day: getting the flu, getting an indigestion and rain. getting sick before my wedding I could imagine nothing worse than walking down the isle and suddenly wanting to rush to the toilet. Or blowing my nose the whole day and looking red-eyed in…
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All by the book, then one hour late

As a very organized person one of my talents is to make plans and stick to them. I always have a plan -and plan B, and have it rehearsed in my head, with realistic time tables. one hour late Therefore, I had a very clear agenda outlined for my wedding day. At 10:00 leave the…
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I organized my fake wedding a year before

During a depression period I spent a lot of time reading to take my mind away from my heartaches. Especially looking for things that might cheer me up or help me move on. i organized One blog had some good advise: get yourself a project. Something to organize, to plan, to keep your mind focused.…
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