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professional artist and designer

Hi! My friends call me Kys

Artist and Designer. Wife, mom and teacher.

I’m the founder of ArteKys. Greetings from Spain!

I started out as a kid making birthday cards and end-of-the-year cards for all my classmates.

Then I studied drawing and painting for 5 years at a technical art school and 5 more years of design, sculpture, sketching, illustration and animation at University. I also have a Masters in Wedding and Event Planning (so I can also offer some free advice).

I love creating and crafting, especially because it allows me to arrange my timetable around my son’s school schedule and spend more time with him.

My inspiration comes from rustic and nostalgic style.

Old things have a special charm: they have a history and they tell a story.⁠ Things like the rusty pots in my Grandma’s kitchen, the peeling paint on her window frames, the smudged colors of her carpets. Things that, like grandma, were old, but dear.⁠

⁠ I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. We, city people, have an unquenchable nostalgy for the country life and the peace and quiet it represents. A life of traditions, silence, nature… family. ⁠

I want to know your story and be a part of your happy day

My work has been featured on TV, radio, newspapers and several art exhibits in Romania, Spain, China, Venezuela, Italy and Canada. In 2021 I won the Prestige Awards for "Stationery Store of the Year". and in 2022 the award for "Handmade Stationery Retailer of the Year"

vision and values

1- ecological

ArteKys is an eco-friendly business. My products are organic and sustainable. I use recycled material whenever possible and minimal plastic in my packaging. I also believe in supporting small businesses when it comes to buying my supplies.

2- committed

My mission is to offer you a great shopping experience and a product you love. Which is why you will be involved in the whole process, as your opinion matters the most.

3- friendly

We treat each customer as VIP no matter how big or small the order. You can losse the stress of planning your event knowing that you are in good hands. Communication is important, so feel free to ask as many questions as you need!

I'm ready to create the invitations of your dreams!


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