What comes to mind when I say “Summer”? Sea, sand, sun,? Beach Wedding?

Summer is a great time of the year to have a wedding. Not only you have more options for destination weddings, you can choose a number of outdoor venues, your guests will be more likely to take time off for a “wedding trip vacation” and everyone’s in a good mood when the weather is nice and sunny!

Summer is awesome for a beach wedding and beach weddings are awesome for a million reasons!

Just picture this:

The sun glistening in your hair, your veil floating in the soft breeze, the sound of the crashing waves and birds chirping, gently mixing in the music of your choice and a million whispers saying how beautiful you look, how amazing the location is and how happy they all feel.

You make your grand entrance, feeling the soft sand under your (bare?) feet and breathing in the smell of salty air. Your photographer is in Heaven getting amazing shots of the scenery and the decoration.

Throw in a sunset palette and you have the wedding of the century. I bet your hear beats just thinking about it!

Now you need a stationery suite that matches that mood

You need something that screams BEACH! from the first glance and makes you feel the burning sun and hear the melody of waves even as you look at it.

A special paper with a soft, rough texture to remind you of the sand. Fresh, clean colors to evoque the depths of the sea, and a touch of light for the gleaming sunshine. Can you make it even better? Imagine you could also use recycled paper, to help the environment by reducing waste and supporting a great cause.

I give you the Marina Collection

Made entirely of recycled paper, these cards have an ultra-special off-white shade, with dark sprinkles, to remind you of the color of the sand. Bathed by clear blue waves, to transport you to the gorgeous deep sea and golden edge, that glistens in the sunshine.

As with all my creations these are NOT printed, the colors, textures and effects are entirely hand-painted, individually on each card, wich means each and every card will be unique and have its own pattern. Also the colors, textures and effects are on both sides, front and back. This is a luxury item, that will make your wedding one of a kind.

beach wedding
beach wedding

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