You know you want to look your best, feel your best and show your best for the most important day of your life. But still, there are a few things that are a good idea and some that you’d better save for another occasion. Here is my advice on what NOT to do before your wedding.

A facial

Yes, you read right. If you got pimples, zits, wrinkles, or any other mark you’d like to hide make sure you take care of those at least two weeks before the big day, because they usually leave ugly marks and you’ll look worse before you start to look better. Allow yourself plenty of healing time. The last thing you want is to get rid of acne, only to be left with an irritation -and probably be too sore to even cover it up with make up!

Dramatic modification of your hair

This is NOT the time to experiment. If you’ve had long hair all your life and want to try a super radical short cut, choose some other time to do it. Not before your wedding, not when you can’t afford regrets and there is no time to grow it back. Don’t go curly, straightened, dyed, or otherwise mutate your hair (unless you’ve done it before and you know for sure that you’ll like it). This is not the time to shock everyone. Too risky. Uh-uh.

Tatoos and piercings

Again, if you know for sure you’ll love it, take the chance but if you’ve never had a tatoo and want to see how it looks, a few days before the wedding is not the best time to chance it. Also bear in mind that tatoos and piercings are painful for days, and you must stay out of the water to avoid infection, which means you won’t be able to get in a hot tub with your lovey on your wedding night or dive in a pool on your honeymoon.

Bold food tasting

At least one week before the wedding stick to the tried and true recipes. Say it with me: tried and true. Here’s a horror scenario for you: the night before you have some exotic new dish at your rehearse dinner or party with the bridesmaids and wake up the next day (the wedding day!) with an allergy / fever /stomachcahe / diarrhoea or worse. Like the stress and nervousness of getting married isn’t bad enough for your gut already!

Crash diet

If you wanted to lose 10 kilos and only lost 4, don’t try to go the other 6 in the last week. You’ll end up in the hospital, or with an upset stomach (see above paragraph). If you didn’t achieve your target weight, just let it go. You’re beautiful, you’re loved -and all this weight obssession is only in your head, nobody will notice, I promise.

Underestimate the weather and germs

“Hey, it’s my wedding tomorrow, let’s dance in the rain!” Wake up with a running nose. “Hey, I’m getting married, let me kiss everybody!” Wake up with the flu. You get the point.

So, bottom line, one week prior to your wedding, behave, stay put, take it easy. You’re entitled to be a porcelain doll just this once.

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