Did you know that you guest list is going to get bigger and then it’s going to shrink? Defining your guest list

Yes, true! defining your guest list

First you decide to invite, say 100 people. Make it nice and round. So you write down everyone you want to invite.

Then you start adding guests because, wait, that cousin you haven’t seen in ten years got married, so you must invite the wife too. Also, his kids are now grown up, so you have to invite them too. And that friend who moved to Australia, will be in town that month, so you have to invite her too. By the way, she is travelling with her husband… And so on.

Before you know it you have 150 people, and going way above your budget.But don’t panic. Because they are not all coming.

Just after you send your invitations people will start to RSVP and a lot of them will have some last minute thing and won’t be able to make it. More than you expect. So you end up with 80 or 90 confirmed. It’s not impossible to get cancellations even on the last day because little Timmy woke up with a fever, the sitter can’t make it, they have to take the dog to the vet, etc.

That’s why it’s so important to include RSVPs in your wedding suite. We’ll talk some more about that later. 😊

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