One question that I see a lot in wedding groups, forums and consultations with clients is this: why spend money on good invitations if people are just going to throw them away?

Well, there is a very good reason

The average wedding in Spain costs about 20.000 euros, according to a recent study. This budget includes venue, catering, photography, decoration, entertainment, attire, transportation and other details. Do you know where that money goes? Prepare to be shocked:

  • Flowers that get thrown away the next day
  • Food that gets eaten in ten minutes
  • A band or DJ that will only be there for a few hours
  • A venue you will only use one day
  • A dress you’ll wear only once
  • Hairstyle that lasts a few hours
  • Make-up that lasts a few hours
  • Drinks that disappear in minutes
  • Signs, baloons, garlands, etc that will go in the trash the next day
  • Let’s not even talk about ice sculptures

Everything in your wedding is short-lived

And that is exactly what makes your wedding so special. It’s a one-of-a-kind event, something you don’t get to do every month, or every year, something you wait for and look forward to, that comes once in a lifetime and beats every other day you ever had or ever will. This is the day when you wear the dress you don’t get to wear at any other event, when you are the undisputed center of attention, when you celebrate the greatest joy of your life (so far). It’s a special day, and must be treated as such. That’s why we spend huge sums of money to make it perfect, and that’s why it’s worth doing so.

Spend money on good invitations and build memories

However there are two things that are forever: your photos and your stationery. And they each serve a different purpose.

The photos are the memento to remind you of that perfect day and all that it meant to you: your friends gathered together, your parents with tears in their eyes, your sisters whispering how beautiful you looked, your grandparents the last time you saw them alive, and many many other wonderful moments that will make your day extra special -moments so worth living, and worth remembering.

Your invites, on the other hand, are a reminder of the time before. The months when you were planning your wedding: the waiting, the dreaming, the anticipation, the emotions of choosing details, building your perfect wedding up in your head, the thrill of handing the invites and watching people’s excitement as the date approached.

Those faithful cards will stay in your memory drawer for years to come, and when you find them again, in a very distant future, they will take you back to the wonderful days when your wedding was still a dream.

Stationery is forever. You deserve the best.

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