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Keeping my wedding dress?

My wedding dress is beautiful and it played its role nicely. That being said, I must admit it’s not my dream dress. keeping my wedding dress I bought it because I needed a dress. When you get married you must have a dress. Walking down the isle in jeans is a little too modern for my taste and going…
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All by the book, then one hour late

As a very organized person one of my talents is to make plans and stick to them. I always have a plan -and plan B, and have it rehearsed in my head, with realistic time tables. one hour late Therefore, I had a very clear agenda outlined for my wedding day. At 10:00 leave the…
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The moment I knew I was ready

A few years ago I used to go to a gym near my place. During a no-job period, finding myself with little to do, too much time in my hands and needing something to pick me up during a rather not so cheerful time, I started going to the gym twice a day. Sometimes even three…
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I organized my fake wedding a year before

During a depression period I spent a lot of time reading to take my mind away from my heartaches. Especially looking for things that might cheer me up or help me move on. i organized One blog had some good advise: get yourself a project. Something to organize, to plan, to keep your mind focused.…
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Dress shopping, I missed the fun !

The best part about getting married is dress shopping. I dare you deny it! It’s fun even before the wedding, during the wedding, after the wedding. When you get engaged the first thing that comes to your head is what you’re going to wear. The longest time you spend is deciding on the dress. You…
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Advise about the dress

On your wedding day you should wear the dress you won’t be able to wear any other day. Years ago I had a very practical mind. I thought it was absurd to buy a dress and wear it only once -especially a very expensive dress. In fact I figured it didn’t make sense to buy…
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Flower petals? Rice anyone?

What do you see when you picture a wedding? There are two signature images that come to mind: first, the bride walking down the isle, stepping on flower petals, and second, the couple being showered with rice on their way out. Therefore, when the protocol lady from the church told me that rice was not…
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Getting married: When you know you know

I never believed in getting married. I grew up in a divorce. Not the we-can-still-be-friends kind of divorce but more like World War III. I did not believe in marriage. At age as short as 7 or 8 I was already claiming I should never get married and at age 27 I held that position…
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