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Never give up on your dreams

GROWING UP MY DREAM WAS TO BE AN ANIMATOR.⁠⁠More than anything in the world. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I remember as a kid, I’d spend my time sketching EVERYTHING I saw: people, animals, scenes. I used to draw every. Single. Day.⁠⁠I would get home from school and go directly to my sketchbook.…
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Are you a TV bride?

There are three kinds of brides: those who binge on TV wedding programmes, those who have and those who will. And don’t get me wrong, you may even find yourself drooling over TV wedding shows even months after your wedding and planning your “vow renewal” for ten years later, because you forgot to include this…
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Save your wedding cake for your anniversary

You are going to spend a lot of money on that cute little cake that’s going to be the crown of your dessert table. Yes, that cake that you spent hour and hours choosing. Yes, that cake you were so excited about. Yes, that cake. The cake your guests hardly even touched because they were…
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A little story with a moral to lighten your day

Let me share with you a little story to lighten your day. This is a story that my second grade teacher read to us once (sorry I can’t credit the author, it was too long ago to remember) Why I remember this story now? Because I just realized that it matches my own situation -and…
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Choosing a name for your business

Choosing a name for your business is one of the most important parts of your branding. It’s like choosing a name for your son or daughter! It will be an important part of your brand identity. Let me share a little anecdote of one name that I found particularly bad for a business, even if…
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Hand-made candles using only recycled materials

I got a candle-making kit for Christmas. So I decided to start making hand-made candles using only recycled materials. I said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m all up for recycling and reducing rubbish in any way we can. And because I’m also trying to lead a healthy lifestyle I don’t usually use…
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The year I spent in China was the happiest of my life

I was so lucky to spend a year in China, working at the Aeronautical College in Changsha. Best job ever, best year ever! I made wonderful friends and got to dive deep into the biggest cultural shock of my life! Let me share with you a few things that I learned during those few months:…
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The first order of the year: Thank You Cards

So, I’m officially back from the holidays and up and running again! I just spent this last week doing a project I loved: Thank You cards made of recycled paper. Nothing new here, I just love it every time! But I am running out of flower paper so I will probably take just a few…
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Wedding tip: EAT!

When I don’t eat I get low blood sugar which results in dizziness, headaches, feeling ill -I hate it! On my wedding day I was very clear about wanting to feel OK and be “on” for several hours with no break. So the last thing I wanted was to feel weak or uncomfortable. I packed…
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Food makes the perfect wedding favours

It’s customary to give your guests wedding favours as a little something at the end of the celebration to remember it by. A souvenir. A tiny gift. But that is tricky, because, what do people like? Another dilema is that you already spent some relevant money on the party with food, decorations, staionary and whatnot,…
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