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Wedding invitation etiquette

The cards you choose, even the envelopes, will reflect the mood and theme of your wedding, from the very beginning. Selecting your invites is almost as much fun as buying the dress: this is a part where you get to display your personality, your style, be it rustic, romantic or sophisticated, your stationary will speak…
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Your self-care routine is a matter of habit

We humans are a species of routines and customs. Studying, playing, sleeping, eating, exercising, working, cleaning, even sex, everything we do is a matter of habits. We establish a timetable and develop a routine. And habits are changeable I started feeling concerned about my face as early as high school. But, as I lacked the…
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The importance of RSVPs

RSVP stands for “repondez s’il vous plait” which is French for “please reply”. These cards are meant to ask your guests to confirm whether or not they will be attending the event. What is the importance of RSVPs? Well, part of having a very well organized wedding is to know exactly how many guests you’re…
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defining your guest list

Defining your guest list

Did you know that you guest list is going to get bigger and then it’s going to shrink? Defining your guest list Yes, true! defining your guest list First you decide to invite, say 100 people. Make it nice and round. So you write down everyone you want to invite. Then you start adding guests…
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Photo mistakes and missing

When my brother got married my sister in law gave me some wedding advise I never forgot: photo mistakes “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of food, a big venue, etc. Just make sure to have a good photographer!” There are hardly any pictures of her wedding. Probably ten or so. A…
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My wedding dress didn’t fit

A million things were against me while planning my wedding. My wedding dress was one of them. The fact that I spent the last few months of my engagement in China, in a city where there are no wedding dress shops, for example. No wedding dress shops anywhere! I looked around, surfed the web, asked my married friends and the…
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Small events are just as important as big ones

Something needs to be said here: small events are just as important as big ones! Getting married with 20 guests is no less special than having 200 guests. And vendors need to understand this. If you don’t want it, don’t take it First, like so many others, I am an expat. Which means no matter…
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Why is it worth to spend money on good invitations?

One question that I see a lot in wedding groups, forums and consultations with clients is this: why spend money on good invitations if people are just going to throw them away? Well, there is a very good reason The average wedding in Spain costs about 20.000 euros, according to a recent study. This budget…
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Planning a Summer Wedding?

What comes to mind when I say “Summer”? Sea, sand, sun,? Beach Wedding? Summer is a great time of the year to have a wedding. Not only you have more options for destination weddings, you can choose a number of outdoor venues, your guests will be more likely to take time off for a “wedding…
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Beware of internet scams!

I hate Internet scammers as much as anybody, but actually even more, because they hurt my own business. Anyone who has an honest and legit online store gets hurt when people’s trust in the Internet becomes more and more fragile because of the scammers. Beware of Internet scams! Let me just share with you some…
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