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My wedding dress didn’t fit

A million things were against me while planning my wedding. My wedding dress was one of them. The fact that I spent the last few months of my engagement in China, in a city where there are no wedding dress shops, for example. No wedding dress shops anywhere! I looked around, surfed the web, asked my married friends and the…
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My bouquet was literally falling apart on my wedding day. flowers The beautiful bouquet that arrived at the hotel a few hours before the ceremony was not the same bouquet I held walking down the isle. It wasn’t the same bouquet I carried in my hand as I entered the reception venue. By the time…
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I organized my fake wedding a year before

During a depression period I spent a lot of time reading to take my mind away from my heartaches. Especially looking for things that might cheer me up or help me move on. i organized One blog had some good advise: get yourself a project. Something to organize, to plan, to keep your mind focused.…
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Getting married: When you know you know

I never believed in getting married. I grew up in a divorce. Not the we-can-still-be-friends kind of divorce but more like World War III. I did not believe in marriage. At age as short as 7 or 8 I was already claiming I should never get married and at age 27 I held that position…
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