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Why do brides and bridesmaids wear bouquets?

Back in the olden days people didn’t make a habit of bathing everyday. In fact regular hygene consisted in washing your face in the morning and your hands on occasions, such as before eating. bridesmaids wear bouquets But the rest of your body could go for weeks, or even months without soap and this, at…
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My bouquet was literally falling apart on my wedding day. flowers The beautiful bouquet that arrived at the hotel a few hours before the ceremony was not the same bouquet I held walking down the isle. It wasn’t the same bouquet I carried in my hand as I entered the reception venue. By the time…
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Flower petals? Rice anyone?

What do you see when you picture a wedding? There are two signature images that come to mind: first, the bride walking down the isle, stepping on flower petals, and second, the couple being showered with rice on their way out. Therefore, when the protocol lady from the church told me that rice was not…
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