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My wedding dress didn’t fit

A million things were against me while planning my wedding. My wedding dress was one of them. The fact that I spent the last few months of my engagement in China, in a city where there are no wedding dress shops, for example. No wedding dress shops anywhere! I looked around, surfed the web, asked my married friends and the…
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How to choose your wedding date

Now that is something that drives brides crazy! You want to pick the perfect date so you become an expert at numerology! Which day is lucky and which isn’t? Weekdays venues are cheaper, but people are busy. Weekends everyone is free but there are fewer dates to choose from. You can use an important day…
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Advise about the dress

On your wedding day you should wear the dress you won’t be able to wear any other day. Years ago I had a very practical mind. I thought it was absurd to buy a dress and wear it only once -especially a very expensive dress. In fact I figured it didn’t make sense to buy…
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