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Wedding tip: EAT!

When I don’t eat I get low blood sugar which results in dizziness, headaches, feeling ill -I hate it! On my wedding day I was very clear about wanting to feel OK and be “on” for several hours with no break. So the last thing I wanted was to feel weak or uncomfortable. I packed…
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Walking down the isle: the father-daughter moment

My father is not an emotional person. He’s always laughing and joking and teasing everyone. He’s a very merry character. But when it comes to sentimental demonstrations he remains cool. father daughter This has been his way for as long as I’ve known him. He can be a hugging, kissing and praising person, but always keeps…
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All by the book, then one hour late

As a very organized person one of my talents is to make plans and stick to them. I always have a plan -and plan B, and have it rehearsed in my head, with realistic time tables. one hour late Therefore, I had a very clear agenda outlined for my wedding day. At 10:00 leave the…
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Getting married: When you know you know

I never believed in getting married. I grew up in a divorce. Not the we-can-still-be-friends kind of divorce but more like World War III. I did not believe in marriage. At age as short as 7 or 8 I was already claiming I should never get married and at age 27 I held that position…
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