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Month: August 2022

know if you're ready to get married

How to know if you’re ready to get married

So you met a great guy and you’ve been dating for a while and things seem to be going pretty well for you two. It’s all fun and games and romance and you seem like a perfect fit. Then one day, he plans some really romantic date and, out of the blue, pops the question.…
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The perfect invitations for a beach wedding

Summer is coming to an end and so is the Marina Collection, AKA the perfect wedding invitations for a beach wedding. If you are planning a summer wedding, especially a beach wedding or destination wedding, and wish to surprise your guests with the most amazing stationery ever, these little cutesies are the best match for…
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Is it worth investing money in professional wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations are one of the most important details on your wedding day.Although at first it may not seem that way, in reality these invitations give your guests the first impression on the type of wedding to be held. In addition, invitations are the first contact your guests have with the event, and that is…
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worn the wedding dress

Have brides always worn the wedding dress as we know it today?

The dress, the wedding dress… The star of any wedding, that thing that women dream about even from the moment they receive the ring on their finger (or years before that!) Yes, that dress : sophisticated, elegant, expensive, full of exquisite details and… so white! Whenever you picture a bride you imagine a white dress.…
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