Oviedo, Spain

Month: January 2022

The year I spent in China was the happiest of my life

I was so lucky to spend a year in China, working at the Aeronautical College in Changsha. Best job ever, best year ever! I made wonderful friends and got to dive deep into the biggest cultural shock of my life! Let me share with you a few things that I learned during those few months:…
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The first order of the year: Thank You Cards

So, I’m officially back from the holidays and up and running again! I just spent this last week doing a project I loved: Thank You cards made of recycled paper. Nothing new here, I just love it every time! But I am running out of flower paper so I will probably take just a few…
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Wedding tip: EAT!

When I don’t eat I get low blood sugar which results in dizziness, headaches, feeling ill -I hate it! On my wedding day I was very clear about wanting to feel OK and be “on” for several hours with no break. So the last thing I wanted was to feel weak or uncomfortable. I packed…
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Food makes the perfect wedding favours

It’s customary to give your guests wedding favours as a little something at the end of the celebration to remember it by. A souvenir. A tiny gift. But that is tricky, because, what do people like? Another dilema is that you already spent some relevant money on the party with food, decorations, staionary and whatnot,…
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