Oviedo, Spain

Month: November 2021

Giving thanks and being thankful

Being truly grateful for what you have is not an easy task. We are a species that lives to aspire for more and complain about unmet expectations. We set the bar way too high only to feel frustrated when we fail to reach it. Admit it, you do this too, or have done it at…
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Why is the Sample Pack so cheap?

Somebody actually asked me this and I think it’s a fair question! I’ll be honest with you; there is a story here. I used to have a little language academy, ArteKys being my second business. Everything was going great until Covid hit and chased all my students away. I struggled to stay above water but…
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How to choose your wedding date

Now that is something that drives brides crazy! You want to pick the perfect date so you become an expert at numerology! Which day is lucky and which isn’t? Weekdays venues are cheaper, but people are busy. Weekends everyone is free but there are fewer dates to choose from. You can use an important day…
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I try to understand my client

You’ve probably seen those reels, that are so trendy right now. “Can you make it cheaper?” And she throws a bunch of garbage in a box. Look, I get it; I’m a business owner myself. You put hard work into your products and you expect to be appreciated. But is making fun of your customers…
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