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Hand-made candles using only recycled materials

I got a candle-making kit for Christmas. So I decided to start making hand-made candles using only recycled materials. I said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m all up for recycling and reducing rubbish in any way we can. And because I’m also trying to lead a healthy lifestyle I don’t usually use…
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A creative centerpiece makes all the difference

Nobody can deny that flower centerpieces are gorgeous, but if you wish to step outside the box and do something a little bit different, here are a few ideas to try. For romantic and classic dinners Beautiful paper cones with hand-written love letters or your favorite poems, filled with petals, flowers or green leaves. Add…
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Why is the Sample Pack so cheap?

Somebody actually asked me this and I think it’s a fair question! I’ll be honest with you; there is a story here. I used to have a little language academy, ArteKys being my second business. Everything was going great until Covid hit and chased all my students away. I struggled to stay above water but…
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Recycled Paper: DIY your stationery

What can you do with recycled paper? ☑️ You can write or print your own invitations ☑️ Use them for programes, menus, table numbers, seating charts, etc ☑️ Do name tags for your dinner party or for gifts and favours ☑️ Send Thank You notes to your loved ones ☑️ Write your vows ☑️ Write…
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recycle paper

Recycle paper

What better way to start off the week than recycling??? recycle paper Recycling is more than just dumping the paper in the right bin. There are so many ways to reuse it. Just collect your old notes, discarded notebooks, those bills you don’t ever want to see again, and transform them into bright, clean sheets…
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give it a second chance

Give it a second chance

I’m going to share a little #secret about my designs, especially the #kraft paper ones: whenever possible I use #recycled material. give it a second chance Paper has this fantastic ability to come back to life and retain its beauty, if you just use it right. These #envelopes that you see right here were originally…
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