I have to admit it’s one of my favorite holidays, although I never had a chance to celebrate it as a little girl.

I love it because it involves my two favorite things: costumes and candy! It also has ghosts and monsters, which I was very fond of. In kindergarten, when most girls dreamed of being a princess, I wanted to be a vampire.

But I grew up in Venezuela and Halloween did not exist.

I knew about it, I’d seen it on lots of TV shows. Charlie Brown, Bugs Bunny, Punky Brewster, pretty much any and every show had a Halloween episode -and I was so jealous!

I mean, wearing a costume and going with your friends to get candy and everyone is giving away candy! This sounded cooler than anything I knew!

So now that we live in Asturias, where, whether because of their Celt cultural heritage, or the pushing of marketing, this day is actually celebrated big, even if my “time” has passed, I join the Halloween vibe.

And since I can’t give away candy, I can offer you a special Flash Sale!

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Treat for you, no tricks!

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