During a depression period I spent a lot of time reading to take my mind away from my heartaches. Especially looking for things that might cheer me up or help me move on. i organized

One blog had some good advise: get yourself a project. Something to organize, to plan, to keep your mind focused. Like a dream holiday, a party, a charity event, something that you won’t actually do, but that will give you an occupation and a chance to use your creative talent.

So I decided to organize a wedding.

I appointed myself wedding planner and fashioned a couple. Bride and groom. They had names, personality, family history. I even opened Facebook accounts for them and updated their status as “engaged”. Sounds crazy, but it as actually fun.

I started to plan their wedding with all the attention and detail. I organized

First, I set the date, made a guest list and started to contact real vendors to inquire about prices and services.

I kept an agenda with all the details, compared ideas, browsed through wedding sites to gather inspiration. Later I met with the vendors to see their offers, called hotels, caterers, photographers. I designed invitations and looked at dresses and I checked honeymoon destinations and ticket prices.

It’s hard to tell if all this acted as some kind of voo-doo attraction spell, because I worked so hard and took it so seriously, that, unknowingly I was sending tons of energy into the universe. I organized

The fact is a few months later I met my husband. In fact the important date (the one that made our relationship upgrade from summer fling to really serious) happened to be on the day when my fake couple as supposed to tie the knot.

Coincidence? Magic? I can’t tell.

I only know that, the next year, when I was planning my wedding for real, all that game came in handy, because I already knew everything that I had to do.

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