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My bouquet was literally falling apart on my wedding day. flowers

The beautiful bouquet that arrived at the hotel a few hours before the ceremony was not the same bouquet I held walking down the isle. It wasn’t the same bouquet I carried in my hand as I entered the reception venue. By the time it was time to toss it away there was only half of it left.

I ordered a big bouquet with a lot of green leaves and messy flowers. Never liked perfectly round things: they look so fake. I wanted my bouquet to look as if I had been in the fields picking wild flowers.

But for some reason, the flowers just kept falling out of it, and I kept putting them back in, so in the end it really looked messy.

After a while I got tired of putting it back together and just let the flowers fall until it got bald.

I didn’t even throw the bouquet, afraid it would come apart in the process. I threw one flower and gave the bouquet to the person who caught it. Looking back I wish I had thrown it. It would have been fun to watch flowers raining all over the place and see what happens next.

I did my homework before I ordered it and researched a bit about flowers and their meaning. My idea was to get ivy, because it symbolizes everlasting love and orchids, because it is my favorite flower. I never liked roses much since they are overused. I chose gladiolas because I like long stems. The florist added a few little flowers to give more body to it.

The result was very fluffy and colorful and everybody loved it. I must admit it was heavy enough and I actually got tired of holding it all day.

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