My wedding dress is beautiful and it played its role nicely. That being said, I must admit it’s not my dream dress. keeping my wedding dress

I bought it because I needed a dress. When you get married you must have a dress. Walking down the isle in jeans is a little too modern for my taste and going naked would probably not be allowed in a Catholic church.

But I was in China at the time of my engagement and in my city there were no bridal shops anywhere. Anywhere! I didn’t get a chance to go dress shopping and try on different designs.

After much browsing found some pictures and took the risk of buyng it without seeing it. Online shops don’t even advertise real photos of the real product, they use the original photos of the designer they’re copying, so when you buy the dress you really don’t see it at all, until you receive it.

I didn’t know if the lace would have that design, if the beading would be crystal or plastic, if the lines would be the same. It was a blind purchase. keeping my wedding dress

When you buy blind you don’t want to invest too much money. keeping my wedding dress

I would have gladly bought a good designer dress and I could afford it, but I didn’t want to risk too much money on it and then hate the result. There are lots of horror stories about dresses bought online.

Lucky for me the dress wasn’t bad. keeping my wedding dress

But, you know, it’s not every bride’s dream to get married in a dress that is “not bad”. I had wished for something gorgeous, wonderful, perfect. “Nice enough”, “It looks OK”, “It will do” are not the words you want to say when you try on a wedding dress. You want to cry. You want to fall in love with it as passionately as you did with your fiancé.

Especially you want to know that it’s the best dress you could get.

I’ll never know, because I didn’t get a chance to compare. If I had tried on at least three or four dresses I could compare and say this was better than the other. I have no idea if there was some other dress that would have suited me better. keeping my wedding dress

So, my sentimental attachment to the dress is solely for what the dress represents: it’s my wedding dress; I got married in it. But the dress per se and I don’t have a love affair. I didn’t even like it on my wedding day because it shrank and made me look fat (you can read that story here)

So, when I think about keeping it for years to come, I’m not one hundred per cent convinced that I want that. Maybe if I sell it, or cut the skirt a bit to wear it again as an evening dress, I will be less disappointed about it.

I don’t plan to pass it on. If I have a daughter when she gets married I will want her to have a really good dress, and not inherit my “nice enough” garment.

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