The best part about getting married is dress shopping. I dare you deny it!

It’s fun even before the wedding, during the wedding, after the wedding. When you get engaged the first thing that comes to your head is what you’re going to wear. The longest time you spend is deciding on the dress. You watch millions of designs and bridal shows on TV, then you look at the stores and dream and dream about how you’re going to look.

I didn’t have that luxury, unfortunately. dress shopping

When I was engaged I was living in China so I didn’t get the chance to go shopping with my friends. That Pretty Woman-like scene where you try on a million outfits and have the time of your life was not for me. My only option for dress shopping was to choose my dress from the internet and buy it without seeing it.

Never got to hear feedback from the people I love and I will never know if there was another dress that would have suited me better; I never had the chance to compare.

So it would be fair to say that I missed all the fun. The Say yes to the dress moment when you burst into tears and yell “I found it!”… The magical moment of your first fitting, when you look into the mirror and see how wonderful it looks.

I didn’t even have a mirror in my apartment. Only the small head-size mirror in the bathroom. I had to place my computer high on a box above my desk, to make a video of me modelling the dress, so I could see it from various angles. My camera is far from HD, so the video was a rather blurry vision of me in something white.

I could hardly see the beading and lace. There was furniture between me and the camera, so things kept getting in the way of my view. All I knew was that the dress fitted right and that, from the outside, it looked OK.

I still feel that I missed all the fun.

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