On your wedding day you should wear the dress you won’t be able to wear any other day.

Years ago I had a very practical mind. I thought it was absurd to buy a dress and wear it only once -especially a very expensive dress. In fact I figured it didn’t make sense to buy a wedding dress at all, when any evening gown would do, as long as it’s white.

A friend of mine got married years ago and she chose a pretty evening dress, way cheaper than a bridal dress. She said she wanted to be able to wear it again and make the most of her money. It was a two-piece, so she could split it and wear the skirt and corset separately with other combination.

That seemed brilliant.

When came my turn to get married, my first though was not to buy a dress, but wear the evening long dress I already had.

I had many choices: a white chiffon strapless one, a yellow dress with a lot of sparkle, a golden dress, I even considered a short option.

Then, as time went by and preparations began to absorb my mind, little by little, my wedding seemed more and more like a big deal and so did the dress.

I realized that for a one-of-a-kind day in my life I wanted a one-of-a-kind dress. By and by I began to understand the deal with wedding dresses and why people wear them.

I didn’t want a dress that I could wear again, I wanted a dress that would be my WEDDING dress. One suitable for the occasion, to celebrate in all its worth.

But then I was afraid of getting a big dress since I’m a modest, low-profile person and the dress I liked seemed like too much for me. It seemed majestic, gorgeous -I’m not.

I was afraid I’d look “in disguise”, so I opted for a more modest and simple design.

Two months after my wedding, when I stumbled across the picture of the dress I had originally liked, I regretted not having bought that one.

A simple, modest dress is something you can wear any time. At a party, dinner, cocktail, anniversary, someone else’s wedding. If I had chosen the big princess dress, I would still have a million occasions to wear the modest one.

But I’ll never have the chance to wear the big one. I’ll never be the star of the day again.

I wish I had not tried to be modest on my wedding day, but I am truly relieved that I did not chose to wear the simple evening gown I already had and, at least, I bought a proper bridal dress.

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