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New years resolutions

New years resolutions

As January starts and you realize you have an entire blank year ahead of you, the thrill and the desire to make it great take over one more time. This year, the usual resolutions (lose weight, blah, blah) have changed to something more practical.

Stop being a workaholicc

I haven’t had a vacation since 2019 -and that’s a lot! For three years I did nothing but work, Monday to Sunday, around the clock: days, nights, early mornings, holidays -even on my anniversary, my son’s birthday, Christmas! I’ve intrerrupted dinners, naps or outings, to work. When I spent a weekend at the beach with my family I would go out with them during the day and then work at night until 4:00 A.M. only to be all tired the next day.

And I’m thinking that needs to stop.

It’s a common mistake entrepreneurs make, thinking that working like crazy will get your business up faster. But the truth is, being exhausted will not bring the best in you.

To find happiness you need to find balance. One must work to live and not live to work.

So, this year, ArteKys will close from time to time and Mom will take a break. (so be sure to plan your orders timely!)

Don’t ignore self-care

There comes a point in life (and, saddly, I’ve reached it!) when diet and exercise are not a matter of vanity but a matter of health. But self-care goes beyond your physical appearance.

This year I want to set some “me” time, for mental purposes. Little things like reading a book, or listening to music. Not the way we all do it -put the music on in the background while you work or scroll on your phone- but the way we used to do it, back in the olden days: just sit and actually listen to the music.

Things like going for a walk, or having a herbal bath will actually have a place in my calendar. I think out of 365 days there must be at least one I can spare. You have to start somewhere if you want to build a habit!

Recover some good habits

Before I worked around the clock, I used to have hobbies. I used to like to dance. I went swimming. I practiced yoga. Read books. Listened to podcasts. Watched documentaries. Met with people!

If I can’t get them all back this year, at the very least I’ll try to include one or two. Even if I make it a monthly thing, it’s still one step forward to creating a new healthy lifestyle.

Organize my office more often

I realize that my workspace is messy more often than it’s tidy, which is understandable, when you have so much to do, proofs, sketches, materials all over the place. This year, with my increasing ammount of orders, I mean to find a more efficient organizational system to help me keep the space clear even when I’m working, and not only between projects.

Spring cleaning must be followed by some regular “throw away the excess stuff” rituals, to keep my house free of unnecessary clutter. This goes for my kitchen, bedroom and closets as well.

Reduce screen time

You know at the end of the day, when you check your e-mail, memes, social media, watch videos, or just play a game to relax? I would like to not do that anymore. Stop all screen contact at least two hours before bed and see if it’s true that doing so will significantly improve the ammount and quality of sleep.

I use the screen a lot to work, so it makes sense that I should keep away from it when I’m trying to disconnect.

What’s your purpose for this upcoming year? If you have an important party soon, take a look at my gallery and find some amazing invites!

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