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When your ideal client isn’t

When your ideal client isn’t

Sometimes everything is love at first sight, you have wonderful chemistry and things flow like magic. But others, there is a struggle, and you keep going in circles and getting nowhere. Sometimes the relationship between vendor and client just doesn’t work out and the best and wisest path is to pull out.

Rejecting a client does not make you a bad person, nor will it ruin your business.

Sometimes you will encounter a difficult client, who doesn’t really know what they want, or is never satisfied, no matter how much you give them their way. Sometimes the project doesn’t feel right for you, or, for whatever reason, you simply don’t feel comfortable working with that person -and that’s OK.

You don’t need to please everybody just because you’re trying to build a business. After all your product or service is not meant for everybody and walking away from a project will not make you a quitter or a failure. It simply means that you know what you want to do and who you can or can not help.

Never argue with a customer, no matter how much in the right you are

If a customer makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, the beast thing to do is politely refuse the collaboration. And when it’s the customer who requests to terminate the deal, the best thing to do it to take it as calmly and nicely as possible.

Even if it was their fault, for not stating clearly what they wanted, or failing to read the descriptions, terms and conditions. Even if you’re losing money from materials and hours of work. It’s always better to lose a bit of money than to go on with a prolongued stress, or hurt your business with a bad review.

Let’s find out if we are a good fit for each other

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