When I was young one thing I really wanted to do in my life was to travel. So, working abroad as an expat seemed like such an exciting adventure right away When I found a job offer, I just dived in without thinking too long about it.

Why I decided to do it

It happened to be a very rough time in my life. For a few years I had been struggling with toxic relationships, backstabing friends, eating disorders and professional frustration, until one day I just snapped. I decided I could not take it anymore. I needed a change, a radical one. The kind where you just close all the current chapters and start an entire new life.

But first I needed some time to heal, to think, to make peace with my inner turmoil. And especially, to break up with all the toxic people in my life. Everything gets better with time and distance, so, finding myself at the edge of my wits, I just quit my job and took off.

I went to spend the summer with my cousin in the US, but that didn’t seem far enough. I really wanted to go far away. To a place where nobody knew me, away from everyone and everything. I really wanted to spend a few months indoors, not dealing with people. I absolutely did not wish to go back home for a long time.

I had never actually planned to go to China. In fact the idea had never crossed my mind, until a very lucky accident happened. Since I had so recklessly and thoughtlessly quit my job I suddenly realized that I was eating into my savings, so I went online one night and typed “work from home” hoping to find an online job that I could do during my “healing” process.

Instead of home based jobs, the search showed me ads for teaching positions IN CHINA.

My first thought was “WTF -China????” followed by “Of course! China!”

I wanted some time alone and this seemed like the best possible option. Suddenly, the idea rooted in my head so deep it could not be removed anymore. Yes, China, I would totally disappear for an entire academic year and just rest from all the bad memories that haunted me.

I had just gotten my TEFL certification a couple years before and decided this was an opportunity to put it to good use. A fresh start, a new life, the adventure. I applied.

Wanna know more of my year abroad? I will be posting from time to time, between my wedding and stationery adventures, to tell you all about my fascinating year working abroad.

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