A lot of people love hand-made paper, especially the eco-friendly ones who love the idea of reducing waste and giving things a second life. You must admit that artisan cards look lovely, especially those with flowers and petals, and the texture and color just gives your projects a certain chic air that everybody loves.

But it comes with a problem: it’s daunting to print. Most printers will deal just fine with the rough texture and even run over the flower without problem but the deckled adge is where we all stop.

It’s easier than it looks!

Printers need a straight line to pick up the paper and pull it in, this is where the deckled edged can be a problem. To help your printer determine where the border is, the easiest way is to tape your card onto a regular piece of paper.

The trick is to place it far from the paper border, so that the card edges won’t interfere with the initial motion. Once the paper is in and running through the printer the rest is straightforward.

Just as you can see on this video from my channel

One more tip for you

If you want to make sure you place the card on the right place every time, just edit your text on the text editor first, and print a proof to know exactly where the text is being printed, then use it as a guide to place the artisan card on top. You can also frame the text in a square text box, to have a clearer guide on where to place the card borders.

Do you need more info?

If you have any questions about how to use my paper or would like to see some specific tutorial, don’t be shy to ask! I love hearing from you and sharing my knowledge.

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