Let me share with you a little story to lighten your day. This is a story that my second grade teacher read to us once (sorry I can’t credit the author, it was too long ago to remember)

Why I remember this story now? Because I just realized that it matches my own situation -and probably yours.

Once upon a time a couple of mice had the most beautiful daughter in the world. They decided that the only right husband for her would be the most powerful guy in the world. And the most powerful of all is the Sun, who can shed light and warmth and make the earth flourish, gives life, and brings happiness. They went to speak to the Sun and arrange the marriage.

But the Sun said “I’m not the most powerful of all! The cloud can hide my light and make the world dark in a second, so he is more powerful than me.”

When the mice went to visit Mr. Cloud and ask him to marry their daughter he replied “I am not the most powerful. The Wind can push me around as he pleases, so he is more powerful than me.”

The mice then went to visit the Wind and offer him their daughter’s hand. But the Wind replied “I’m not the most powerful. The Wall can stop me from blowing and restrain me, no matter how strong I am.”

So the mice then went to visit the Wall.

But the Wall said “I am not the most powerful. Although I am made of solid brick and can resist the Sun, the Wind and the Rain, little mice like you can chew at me and open holes all over me. So it’s you, the mice, who are more powerful than me.”

And so the little mice returned home and found a handsome mouse to marry their daughter.

Now you’re thinking, what has that got to do with anything?

Well, once upon a time I had an Instagram account and I was convinced that I was doing it wrong. So I started checking out tutorials, attending online classes, reading what this or that guru said about the topic. And my account has changed a lot since 2016. I tried different styles, templates, calendars, content.

And I just realized the other day that, after many twists and turns, my Instagram account has started to look VERY similar to what it was 3 years ago. After going round and round with all sort of “experts” it only led me to where I was. Which means, I was doing something right after all. I just didn’t trust myself because I didn’t think I was smart enough. Only after the “gurus” told me what to do did I realize that I had it right from the beginning.

Sometimes you just need to trust yourself. Just because you’re small doesn’t mean that anyone and everyone is better than you.

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