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Save your wedding cake for your anniversary

Save your wedding cake for your anniversary

You are going to spend a lot of money on that cute little cake that’s going to be the crown of your dessert table. Yes, that cake that you spent hour and hours choosing. Yes, that cake you were so excited about.

Yes, that cake.

The cake your guests hardly even touched because they were too full from dinner.

The one you barely even touched at your wedding reception becvause you were so busy going from here to there, or so tight in your dress you could not fit more than a mouthful.

Such a pity!

But there is a way to enjoy your cake quietly, calmly, privately, and still rise to the occassion.

Many couple choose to freeze the top tiere of the cake and save it for the anniversary dinner.

It’s a nice way to take you back to the wedding and remember the feeling you shared a year before when you were tying the knot -plus, nobody will bother you this time!

Here’s a little video on how to freeze and store your cake

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