There are three kinds of brides: those who binge on TV wedding programmes, those who have and those who will.

And don’t get me wrong, you may even find yourself drooling over TV wedding shows even months after your wedding and planning your “vow renewal” for ten years later, because you forgot to include this or that little detail.

But for those who are just starting to walk down the marvelous path of wedding planning, having some time off means that you get to sit in a cozy chair, grab a bite (oh-oh careful wedding diet!) and binge on “inspiration”. For hours. For hours!

You need to pick a dress, a hairstyle, nails, shoes, accesories, make-up, flowers, decor, invitations (right here, click at the bottom!), cake, table numbers, and you go on and on and on, looking at thousands of photos to see what else is out there that you could use.

And let’s admit it: it’s fun!

When planning a wedding there are so many sources of inspiration. But beware! There can also be too much noise, too much information available, too much to stuff in your head. And when everything is over-glamourized TV shows have the risk of making you think something is way better than it is in real life.

For example take those cake reality shows, where you see overdone and complicted cakes that look fantastic and you think “I want this”.

But in real life it might be an unnecessary expense over your budget, because that fantastic cake will be eaten in a few minutes. Plus not every baker is as skilled as the star of a TV show, and it would be very upseting to find out that the marvelous design you picked doesn’t really look the same. You might feel disappointed at the actual result only to discover it’s too late to order a new one.

Sometimes less is more.

Same goes for wedding dresses. While those brides at Kleinfeld look fantastic in anything (how do they do it?) you might end up falling in love with a style that is not really the best for YOUR body type.

When I started looking for my wedding dress I knew I didn’t want a strapless dress, but after seeing a hundred gorgeous strapless dresses parading on my screen I decided that they are the best. I ended up regreting my choice.

So, have fun and binge on those bridal shows, but don’t let them influence you out if your way or you might end up confused about what you truly want!

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