When I don’t eat I get low blood sugar which results in dizziness, headaches, feeling ill -I hate it!

On my wedding day I was very clear about wanting to feel OK and be “on” for several hours with no break. So the last thing I wanted was to feel weak or uncomfortable.

I packed cookies and chocolate to take with me and, at the hotel, during my hair and make-up session, we ordered a pizza -to make sure my bridesmaids also got fed.

The stylist said “This is the first time I’ve seen a bride eat!”

So many brides don’t eat on their wedding day because they are nervous, on a diet, or simply forget.


First of all, you’re not going to put on weight now! Not from eating one little snack.

Second you’re going to be there all day! You don’t want to faint in the middle of the ceremony (and get YouTubed on those wedding fails videos!) …or on your wedding night!

It’s a very busy day, so the best time to get some fuel in your tummy is during the hair session. You’re just sitting there doing nothing so it’s the perfect time to grab a bite.

Also, many brides and grooms are so busy socializing, dancing and getting their pictures taken, that they simply forget (or never get a chance) to eat during the recption.

Which is a shame because you paid good money for that meal and spent some thought selecting the menu. It’s not fair that everyone gets to enjoy it but you.

Talk to your caterer and tell them to pack your portion so you can have it later, after the reception, in your cozy hotel room.

Throw in some candles and you’ll have a most romantic wedding night dinner.

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