One thing I love about New Year is that you get to start all over, or at least get the impression that you do.

If you had a sucky year, you can put it behind you, make new plans and start a fresh page with bright expectations.

And let’s face it, we did have a couple of sucky years! 2020 was not kind to me and 2021 was like dragging a heavy rock uphill -in the snow.

So, glad I am that both are over and on I move with renewed hopes and dreams.

Let me tell you of some silly New Year supersticions I like to follow!

  • Carry a suitcase if you wish to travel this upcoming year.
  • Have money in your wallet when the clock strikes 12
  • Eat grapes at midnight for abundance (just not too quickly, one year I tried to swallow one grape with each struck and almost choked!)
  • Stand on a chair for good luck
  • Wear yellow underwear for money, red for love
  • Wear white clothes to ward off evil spirits

What are your favorite New Year’s traditions? How about you drop a comment and share?

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