It’s customary to give your guests wedding favours as a little something at the end of the celebration to remember it by. A souvenir. A tiny gift. But that is tricky, because, what do people like?

Another dilema is that you already spent some relevant money on the party with food, decorations, staionary and whatnot, so it would be ideal to have a rather cheap souvenir -without looking cheap.

Well it’s a truth universally acknowledged that everyone loves to eat and everyone loves sweets.

So the best option is candy, cookies, chocolate, something snacky that can cheer your guests up tomorrow after lunch or while they’re watching a movie next time.

The secret is to use a very nice personalized packaging and even a simple pack of mints becomes a lovely gift.

These chocolate bars, with lace wrapper and ribbon, were the grand finale of a perfect celebration and made everyone happy with style.

Who doesn’t like chocolate

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