Nobody can deny that flower centerpieces are gorgeous, but if you wish to step outside the box and do something a little bit different, here are a few ideas to try.

For romantic and classic dinners

Beautiful paper cones with hand-written love letters or your favorite poems, filled with petals, flowers or green leaves. Add a few candles and you’ll have a most romantic centerpiece. Plus your guests can entertain themselves reading beautiful poetry.

Pirate, witch or medieval theme

An old bottle with a melted candle or a message inside will create this atmosphere of old ship venturing into the depths of the ocean, or a medieval castle where mysterious rituals take place. Be sure to melt a full candle before placing the actual candle that you plan to use.

For beach celebrations (My friends from the South emisphere will like this!)

Sea shells, sand, rocks and a few marine elements, such as an old navigation map, ropes or wood pieces, can help you set the mood.

For rustic dinners

Wood, cardboard or tin box with hand-written poems or love messages. Smudged colors for a cute old effect.

If you don’t feel like doing this yourself, just click on the button below and find your preferred decorations right here!

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