Now that Covid has losened its tight grip we may expoect to spend Christmas with actual people and not just a Zoom conference. Exciting right?

So maybe you’re considering having a fancy dinner to celebrate that we can finally meet up with our loved ones,

In case you’ve never hosted a dinner party before, or you forgot how, or you simply want to use some new ideas, let me share a few tips you might find useful.

My first advice is that you use what you have and save money for the presents. But if you feel like adding a new touch to your dinner table and buying new stuff go ahead and have fun!

Use a big fancy plate as base to place your dinner plate on top. These base plates can be a bright color, like red, golden or even black, for a super elegant look. Make sure the color matches your table cloth. This was my mistake last time: I used red plates over a red cloth and there was no contrast. Lesson learned!

If you want to go crazy with the napkins here’s a video tutorial with folding techniques that are very easy to do with either paper or cloth napkins.

For those who don’t have a lot of room for decorations, you can always use the ceiling! Hang some vines, flowers, garlands, or even paper stars, snow flakes, baloons! When your dining room is small remember there’s room just above your head!

In next week’s post you can find some ideas for easy DIY centerpieces. Just add Christmas colors and a few lights and turn this into an unique table decoration. Be sure to check it out!

Last but not least, to make your dinner party seem like a fancy event add some Place Cards. Not only they look great but it lets people know that you were thinking about them while you were setting up your decoration.

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