Now that is something that drives brides crazy!

You want to pick the perfect date so you become an expert at numerology! Which day is lucky and which isn’t?

Weekdays venues are cheaper, but people are busy. Weekends everyone is free but there are fewer dates to choose from.

You can use an important day in your relationship, like the day you met, the day he proposed, the first kiss, etc.

So here is my humble input of details you might want to consider:

  • Avoid legal holidays, such as Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. Not only your guests are more likely to have plans but flowers and food may cost a lot more!
  • Remember that your wedding date is going to be your anniversary for years to come, so pick a date that is comfortable for you. If you get married in the middle of winter, you’ll never get to celebrate your anniversary at the beach, for example. If you get married too close your birthday, you’ll have two parties to plan one after the other, and so on.
  • And speaking of anniversaries, you might want to celebrate year after year, so you might want to pick a date close to the beginning of the month, when you just got paid and have money to go out some place nice and buy presents for each other.

Of course, these are merely suggestions. You will choose whatever date you prefer and feel happy with. Just make sure to think long-term, because this date will be with you year after year, when you look back and remember.

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